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Libyablog is a Libyan bloggers community. It is coordinated by The France24 Observersand RFI Media Workshop, with the support of the European Union.

Libyablog est une communauté de blogueurs libyenne. Elle est coordonnée par les Observateurs de France24 et l’Atelier des Médias de RFI, avec l’appui de l’Union Européenne. 

During the first phase, which lasts eighteen months (July 2012- December 2013), several training sessions on the tools of journalism and blogging were given, to the benefit of the participating bloggers.

Durant la première phase du projet, qui dure 18 mois (juillet 2012-décembre 2013), plusieurs formations de blogueurs aux outils du journalisme et du blogging ont été données. 

In the second phase, the platform will be achieving full autonomy, being both produced and edited by the bloggers.

Durant la seconde phase, la plateforme passera en autonomie et sera à la fois produite et éditée par les blogueurs.

To join us and create a blog, thank you for filling out this form or contact us by e-mail almudawwana[@]gmail[.]com

Pour nous rejoindre et créer un blog, merci de remplir ce formulaire ou de nous contacter par mail.

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  1. our web page says:

    I have checked many of the articles published on your site and i have to say that each and every single one is written in a very professional way. You without a doubt have some skill-sets here. Never stop updating your blog website.

  2. Quelani Almengouche says:


    The anthropology of “the Rat”:

    See my Facebook page to read a short comment about a certain rat among thousands that sereved Boca-Raton. The subject was initiated on the Libyablog page of Facebook. The rat in-question was the Minister of Justice for Boca-Raton incorrporated. You may, dear reader, have some difficulty understanding the meaning of “Boca-Raton” ! If that is the case , I have the fault, I need to explain the issue. But once evrey-body understands the isssue and the circumestance, I suspect we all would be in concordance that “Boca-Raton” is a goof neck-name for a second-lieutenant who upgarded himself to the office of colonel. But again, the issue is the Minister of Justice who jumpped on “the band wagon” of Februrary, 17th, in Benghazi. Yes I was born and raised as a Boy-scout, in Misrata, but, where in the World I have not been ?

    Quelani Almengouche,
    Libia antropologiia

  3. Quelani Almengouche says:


    With regard to the history of the culture “HISPÑA” , it is probable that I am the only Libyan-born Hispanist. When I first heared of the news of Febraury 17th, from Benghazi, my first emotion was to think of the Chilien Pablo Neruda and his “Revolution de la madera” . I am such “aficionado” of Neruda that I took a smester course studying his life and his work, and his times. What I have always wanted long before I knew about Neruda, in fact since the age of four (4) years, that is since 1954 (après-Divinité), is a: Revolution of the Wood, in the Libyan society. The irony is that the geographic Libya has very little living wood to offer, in the form of trees that is. Now…I would like to say more about this subject, may be in a paper that I would happyly present to a confrence. However, Madames et messieurs, what I see happening on the face of Libya the geographic is nothing but some “comédie de Molière” . Interesting that fact that, two nights ago I got to see for the first time, on DVD, “George Dandin” . What is unique about this production that a Magrébin plays the roll of Monsieur George Dandin. For all I know an Algérien. Well, yes I say again: Madames et messieurs what I see happening on the face of Libya geographic is nothing but some “comédie de Molière.

    Quelani Almengouche,
    Libia antropologiia

  4. Quelani Almengouche says:


    The anthropology of the “Herd”:

    See my comment titled: “Humus” on the Facebook page of Libyablog !

  5. Quelani Almengouche says:

    ROOM FOR DEBATE: It’s Over for Qaddafi
    Feb 25 2011 at 8: 44 am

    “During my four years as flight crew (B 727) with Libyan Arabe Airlines, I lived a good life in Benghazi, but I was not happy: I was haunted by the past of Libya, inquiet by the present of Libya, and worried about the future of Libya. The Avid reader that I’ am, in the summer of 1984, I manged to read George Orwell’s “1984”. The accounts and the testimonies given by the narraitor were asthonshingly approximating the sceens of the theatre of my life in Benghazi. Septembre the 23rd of the same year, I jumped-ship, in Famichino Airport, in Rome. Since that hour of my arrival at JFK in pilot’s uniforme, the following day, I have been engaged in a dailogue with all the people of the world. As I write this comment, the dialogue is taking place in Honolulu, Hawaii. Beside Latin, I dailogue with the World, fluently and hummorously, in 4 languages Grace to the people of the World, for the happy being I have become. I am ready to go back home, to Lybia. Hate stops here.

    Quelani Almengouche, Libyan pilot in auto-exile, Honolulu, Hawaii.

    1. hadia hadia says:

      We would like you to join our pool of bloggers.
      You can write in both english or arabic.
      Contact at: almudawwana@gmail.com

  6. Quelani Almengouche says:

    Je suis en Facebook: Libia antropologiia (La)

  7. Samah Elmeri says:

    I came across your website about a week ago hoping to register for the blogging workshop/training but I wasn’t able to find the registration page anymore. Has registeration closed down yet? Thank you in advance!

    1. hadia hadia says:

      The registration is still open since other worshops are to be scheduled.
      You can find the form here: http://tinyurl.com/8x9hgeu
      Keep in touch!

      1. mohamed says:

        تحية طيبة وبعد:
        .ابعث اليكم هذا الاميل للمشاركة معكم فى تزويدكم ببعض الموضوعات التى تخص الشأن الليبى والانتخابات والموضوعات الاجتماعية وما مدى الفارق الحاصل بين ايام ما قبل الثورة وما بعدها.
        كما ارغب فى تكوين مدونة خاصة لاحقا مع اكتساب بعض الخبرات اللازمة لتظهر بصورة محترفة ومتقنة ما الحفاظ على المصدقية فى الطرح.

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